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Life Support Service

Florida Global can deliver the resources and services necessary to build a serviceable infrastructure and living space in remote locations all over Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia. We are very experienced in fulfilling maintenance contracts for plumbing systems, carpentry and general construction, vehicular maintenance, cleaning and laundry services, and more. We provide all the necessary services you need so that you and your staff can focus on the aspects of your operation in which you specialize.

With our ability to reach you, no matter how remote your site is, we are more than a contracting partner, we are a lifeline to the developed world. When establishing a remote site camp you will undoubtedly encounter obstacles, and many of them will be unfamiliar to you.

With our vast experience, we can assist you in planning and strategizing your operation for more efficient, productive, and safe results. Our management team has decades of collective experience in dealing with both sides of military and government contracts and we are certain to have the knowledge and ability to improve your processes and organization.

When it comes to life support services, you cannot afford a sourcing and services partner who is non-responsive. If emergency maintenance issues arise, we have the flexibility and capability to respond in a timely manner and resolve these pressing issues.

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